What is the CCPA and what changes does the CPRA bring?

The CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act), in force since 2020, was a leap forward in US data protection legislation. Taking it as a basis, California legislators have decided to go a step further by incorporating the new CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act) into the legal


The metaverse, understood as a 3d virtual space where physical and internet reality merge through the use of different technologies such as virtual reality glasses, gloves and different haptic devices, allows the user to interact with other people and elements that replicate the real world

ENS 2022. How does it affect you?

In today's hyper-connected world, information systems are increasingly exposed to threats and cyber-attacks. For this reason, the National Security Scheme (ENS) has undergone a process of continuous evolution aimed at creating the necessary conditions of security and trust in the use of electronic media in

Impact assessment: light bulbs lined up and one about to collide

Impact assessment in the processing of personal data

Processing personal data can be difficult if it is done without taking into account the risks involved, especially when dealing with sensitive data. Complying with current regulations can be costly, so it will be necessary to assess the risks. Do you carry out high-risk

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