Maximize the value of your data while ensuring compliance & trust.

Our Seifti first data protection & cybersecurity solutions will make your company fully compliant and secure, freeing up your teams to focus on other priorities, having our best-in-class team of experts always available to assist you.

All in one software solution and ad-hoc data protection services that will simplify your privacy and security ops

Create, monitor, and update the record of processing activities, data protection impact assessments, vendor risk assessments, training, data incidents, data subject rights, consent management, phishing campaigns, and much more, with the support of our industry-leader tech experts & lawyers, to make sure that your company is 100% compliant and safe.

Who can benefit from Seifti software and services?


We help tech companies to secure sensitive data, build trust with customers, stay compliant with data privacy regulations, and improve cybersecurity through real-time monitoring and threat detection.

“I recently worked with Seifti to review our data protection framework, and they identified several areas where we could improve. They provided detailed recommendations and walked us through the implementation process. From the outset, the team was professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They took the time to understand our business and provided valuable insights and recommendations for how we could better protect our customers’ data”

Retail & Ecommerce

We help an e-commerce company secure customers’ data, protect against data breaches, comply with regulations, and improve customer trust by ensuring the safety of their personal information.

“The results of the phishing simulation were very illuminating, and the team at Seifti provided a detailed report with recommendations for improving our employees’ awareness and response to phishing threats. Overall, we were delighted with the service provided by Seifti and would highly recommend them to any organization looking to run a phishing simulation campaign.”

Professional services

We assist professional services companies in keeping sensitive client information like contracts and legal documents secure, ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations, and improving customer trust by providing real-time monitoring and threat detection to prevent data breaches and disruptions.

“Seifti´s data protection management system has allowed us to simplify, digitalize and partially automate our Data Protection compliance operations globally. It has made our life much easier, saving a lot of time on useless manual tasks”


We help finance companies safeguard sensitive financial information, such as account numbers, personal information, and transaction details, comply with industry-specific regulations, secure online transactions and protect against data breaches, thereby improving trust and reducing the risk of costly disruptions through real-time monitoring and threat detection.

“I can’t say enough good things about the team at Seifti. We have seen a significant improvement in our data protection measures thanks to the team at Seifti. I highly recommend them to any organization looking to take their data protection efforts to the next level.”


We help sports companies to secure athlete data, comply with regulations, improve fan trust and prevent disruptions through real-time monitoring and threat detection to secure personal information such as medical records, contract details, and other confidential data.

“The team was also very responsive and efficient, completing the review promptly and providing clear, actionable next steps. I highly recommend Seifti to any organization looking to strengthen its data protection measures.”


We help education companies to secure student data, comply with regulations, improve parent trust and prevent disruptions through real-time monitoring and threat detection, to protect personal information such as grades, attendance, and other sensitive data.

“We recently worked with Seifti to run a phishing simulation campaign for our employees. The team at Seifti was accommodating and professional throughout the entire process. They walked us through the setup and customization of the simulation and provided valuable guidance on how to communicate the campaign to our employees. The simulation was very well done, with realistic emails and scenarios that challenged our team’s ability to identify and report phishing attempts.”

Digitize and automate all processes that will make your company GDPR compliance

Record of processing
activities (ROPA)

Get rid of your Excel files, keep everything centralized and up to date, involving your teams easily, with Seifti’s ROPA assessments workflow

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Data protection impact assessments (DPIA)

Make sure you comply with your data protection compliance obligations by conducting a DPIA for those potentially high-risk processing activities by using our industry-leader DPIA intelligent assessments in our data protection management system.

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Vendor risk management

Reduce the frequency and severity of data breaches, data leaks, and cyber-attacks by keeping your vendor’s risk assessments up to date with Seifti’s data privacy management software.

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Data subject requests

Manage, keep track and respond to requests from individuals to exercise their rights under data protection laws with our best-in-class data privacy management software to demonstrate your compliance obligations to regulators if necessary.

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Consent management

Ensure that you are obtaining valid consent from individuals by using Seifti’s data protection management system, which will record the necessary data, including screenshots when needed, for you to be fully compliant with data protection laws and avoid potential legal consequences.

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Cookie consent

Let our cookie compliance software ensure you keep compliant with the data protection laws by simply placing a script on the top of your page, ensuring that no third-party cookies are being dropped until the user accepts the consent.

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Get ad-hoc consultancy services on data protection

Outsourced data protection officer

Hire our cost-effective and escalable Data Protection Officer on-demand; save money and gain peace of mind leaving your compliance with the best external DPO in the market.

GDPR audit

Focus on your business and keep your compliance documents always up to date with our recurrent audits and GDPR consultancy services in an effortless manner.

International data transfers

Automate your Transfer Impact Assessments, keep the Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) up to date and implement individualized Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) for your group.

Data protection and information security trainings

Proactively implement a GDPR training program to educate your workforce about their responsibilities when processing personal data and keep your company safe from administrative sanctions and security breaches.

Data breach management

Automate flows and processes to facilitate decision-making in your personalized response plan and be prepared when an incident occurs with our data breach services.

Data retention

Our experts will help you determine the appropriate response plan and retention period  that you should apply for the different types of data you currently store.

We help you to stay secure with cybersecurity solutions




Our white hat cybersecurity team will identify vulnerabilities in less protected areas that currently go unnoticed for your company allowing you getting ahead of an actual attack with our penetration testing services




Establish, implement, maintain and improve your company’s security management thanks to the ISO 27001 guidance provided by our group of experts, supporting you in performing an internal audit, establishing the proper controls and building safety policies that demonstrate your commitment with security and ISO 27001 compliance

What are data protection and security software?

This solution automates your privacy and information security ops. Our industry-leader software ensures that your organization’s policies and procedures align with relevant laws, regulations, and standards, helping you to manage risk, monitor compliance, and ensure that your company is operating in a manner that is consistent with your legal obligations.

Why to use a software to stop using excels and documents cross-departamental


Our data protection management system will always be more accurate than an Excel spreadsheet because it is designed specifically for the task and is less prone to errors due to human input.


Seifti’s data privacy management software is more efficient than an Excel spreadsheet because it can automate specific tasks, such as generating reports or sending notifications. It will save time and reduce the workload of the person responsible for managing the register.


Our data protection management system offers more security features than an Excel spreadsheet, such as encryption and access controls. It will protect the data contained in the register from unauthorized access or tampering.


Seifti’s data privacy management software is more scalable than an Excel spreadsheet, which can handle more data and support more users. It is crucial if the organization grows or if multiple people use the register.

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