ISO 42001

ISO 42001 audit lets you establish, implement, maintain and continously improve your AI management system.

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Obtain guidance on the use, purpose, and application of the ISO 42001 standard

Our team will assist you in the use, purpose, and application of this certification related to the management of Artificial Intelligence so that it meets the requirements of ISO 42001

We will introduce you to the terminology applicable to ISO 42001 standard

Our experts will help you determine the scope of management of you Artificial Intelligence (AI) system

Perform an internal ISO 42001 audit

  • Our team of auditors will help you conduct an internal audit so you can prepare for ISO 42001 certification.


  • At the same time, it will prepare you to maintain ISO 42001 certification after receiving it, properly performing regular internal audits that you must exclude.


  • We will also assist you in the continuous improvements that must be made to maintain ISO 42001 certification.

Establish the proper controls

  • Review all the ISO 42001 series standards with our team to identify what requirements are not currently being applied in your company.


  • Our experts will also help you spot potential issues or risks the certification auditor may identify, so you can work on them before the audit occurs.

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Demonstrate your leadership and good management


Develop a structure  to ensure that your systems are developed and used responsibly


Integrate all the requirements of the standard into your management system, managing potential risks and ethical governance, continously improving and integrating AI management systems with other organizational systems
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