Data Subject Access Request Software

Forget the panic of receiving a DSR and simplify your GDPR duties with the data subject access request software

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DSARS enables you to manage all your data subject requests in one placeto manage web visitors

Receive Data Subject Access Requests through a web form

Validate the subject’s identity

Assign tasks internally to prepare a response

Prepare and send a response to the data subject

Maintain records to meet regulators requirements

Schedule a meeting with our legal consultant

Get on top of your DSAR work with our analytics dashboards

  • In Seifti, you can also deal with your DSARs more efficiently by using our real-time visibility in our analytics module in the platform.


  • Automate part of the flow through our integrations and data discovery solution.

Simplify your compliance with complete and updated Data Subject Request Forms

Store all in a structured and clear display all DSARs to meet every deadline

Manage every type of inquiry in a GDPR-compliant way through Seifti’s data subject request software

Standardized and customizable forms for each kind of data subject request depending on the applicable law

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