GDPR training for employees

GDPR training for employees is all you need to get your staff to understand their data protection obligations

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Proactively implement a GDPR training program to educate your workforce about their responsibilities when processing personal data

Get access to our Data Protection and information security training

Create your own or add custom material to our existing training

Create your Workflows to automate reminders and make sure deadlines are met

Track your employees’ performance and report on your compliance program progress

Schedule a meeting with our legal consultant

Security and GDPR awareness training keep your company safe from administrative sanctions and security breaches

Make sure you send a refresher training for all staff annually

Get valid proof to demonstrate that all staff understands the training

Contact our experts if you want additional onsite training and workshops

You can access dashboards with training status within your organization, and at the same time, you can check the grades and download reports if needed to be presented to the authorities or management

What does our GDPR awareness training for staff cover?

Train your staff on GDPR, POPI Act, CCPA, and more normative according to your needs

Each course is constructed into intuitive, step-by-step modules composed of short videos and assessments to help guarantee participation

Benefit from Seifti’s information security training to ensure your employees will stay caught up

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