Pentesting services

With our penetration testing services, identify vulnerabilities in less protected areas and don’t let them go unnoticed.

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Let us evaluate the different security measures surrounding your company carrying out pen tests

Our experts will gather the necessary information to calculate the scope and correct execution of each test

It will be decided which tests are to be performed, who will oversee the tests and the information that the pen-testers have at the start of each test

Identify areas of weakness in the IT environment that reveal critical vulnerabilities in the system components

Analysis of results obtained and preparation of a report in which we will propose an action plan

Get ahead of an attack, discovering the existing deficiencies in the different security layers of your company using our advanced penetration testing services

Intelligently prioritize and manage vulnerabilities that emerge from phishing attacks

The complete service at the hands of Seifti: Black, Gray, and White Box Pentest

The value of any compromised sensitive data will be thoroughly examined, as well as the process by which a hacker could gain control of the company’s systems through such data

Our team will map the different points of interest which could harm your company if attacked

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Understand your company’s vulnerability assets

We will work with your IT team to decide which resources need to be removed or which resource security measures need to be upgraded

Our team will classify the risks associated with the different vulnerabilities identified

Comprehensive analysis of all affected vectors: security issues on servers, hosts, devices, network services, and systems accessible to authorized login IDs within the network

Seifti provides detailed reports of the tests performed, which serve as a demonstration to auditors and as compliance with safety regulations

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