Data Breach

Such incidents, if poorly managed, can result in severe penalties. Implement our data breach services to confront these scenarios in the best possible manner.

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Automate flows and processes to facilitate decision-making in your personalized response plan and be prepared when an incident occurs

Register all data incidents and reported data breaches in one place

Add all the relevant facts, the personal information involved, its effects, and the remedial action taken relating to the incidents on our platform

Get access to our incident reporting templates or create your own

Use our dashboards to monitor ongoing activities

Schedule a meeting with our legal consultant

Data breach management helps you understand your notification obligations to the relevant supervisory authority, affected individuals,
or both

Act fast and meet Data Protection authorities’ requirements

Assistance in data breach report to authorities

Create a compliant data breaches registry and keep track of what personal data has been involved

We help you determine the appropriate response plan and retention period for the breach documentation

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