GDPR consultancy services

What is a data protection service consultancy?

This service provides expert advice and assistance to organizations like yours on protecting and managing your sensitive data. It includes identifying and mitigating potential data breaches, implementing appropriate security measures and protocols, and ensuring compliance with relevant data protection regulations and laws. Data protection service consultancies also offer training and support to help your organization effectively manage your data and ensure the privacy and security of your customers and employees.

What is the process for running a GDPR audit?

Conducting a GDPR audit involves several steps to ensure that your organization complies with the regulations set forth by the EU. These steps include:

Identify personal data and where it is stored.

Assess the legal basis for processing data and evaluate fairness.

Review data protection policies and procedures.

Evaluate technical and organizational measures for protecting data.

Conduct a risk assessment and identify necessary steps.

Review contracts and agreements with third parties.

Provide recommendations for improving data protection practices.

How do we help companies to be compliance with GDPR?

Seifti helps you being compliance by providing tools and services that assist with the management of personal data, including secure storage and management, consent and communication tools, data protection impact assessments, data breach management, and guidance on best practices. Using Seifti will help your company to better understand your obligations under GDPR and implement appropriate measures to protect personal data.

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Which GDPR service
do we offer

Data protection audit b

Focus on your business and keep your compliance documents up-to-date with our recurrent audits and GDPR consultancy services.

DPO services

Save money and gain peace of mind by hiring an outsourced data protection officer on-demand

International data transfer

Our expert team will help you comply with the laws governing cross-border data transfers, which have been tightened and strengthened since the entry into force of the GDPR

GDPR staff awareness training

GDPR training for employees is all you need to get your staff to understand their data protection obligations, finally

Data breach

This kind of incidents, if poorly managed, can result in severe penalties. Implement our data breach services to confront these scenarios in the best possible manner.

We help your business avoid GPDR fines

The maximum fine that can be imposed under GDPR is the greater of €20 million or 4% of the company’s total worldwide annual revenue for the preceding financial year.


Seifti will keep you safe from these fines by:

Monitoring the company’s compliance with GDPR and other data protection laws

Providing advice and guidance on data protection issues to your company and your employees

Conducting data protection impact assessments (DPIAs)

Cooperating with supervisory authorities

Acting as a point of contact for data subjects who have queries or concerns about the company’s handling of their personal data

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