Consent Management Platform

Collect and manage consents on all your websites in an easy and compliant way using our consent management platform.

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Collect user consent and preferences through our consent management platform and make sure you comply with applicable regulations

Easy to visualize and organize mapping of your consent collection

Consumer consent management lets you understand their preferences and achieve a better connection with them

Compliance first while ensuring the secure use of the data collected for segmentation, personalization, and effective personalized campaigns

Generate audit trails and evidence of compliance by aggregating consents given across domains, applications, browsers, or devices in one place

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CMS solution and Plug & play solution

Manage your consumer-facing documents through our Content Management System

Generate a consent script that you can copy and paste on your site based on any document that you upload to our Content Management System

The CMS solution allows you to manage multiple versions and languages per document and keep track of the consent provided for each

Handle consent logs through Seifti’s consent management platform

Tracklogs to achieve full compliance with applicable law through the consent management platform

CPM solution gets you complete visibility on when, how, and who accepted consent

Get full proof of the consent with our consent flow screenshots and be GDPR compliant

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