Outsourced Data Protection Officer

Save money and gain peace of mind by hiring an outsourced data protection officer on-demand

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DPO as a service

Our experts will advise on your company’s GDPR obligations

Our team will ensure that your company, your policies, and your procedures fully comply with GDPR

Let us be your point of contact on data protection-related matters with your partners and data protection authorities

Avoid conflict of interest for the DPO role. The DPO cannot hold a (managerial) position within the organization

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External DPO in a cost-effective and scalable way

  • Seifti will provide you with an ad-hoc package that better fits your actual needs, so you don’t spend the money that you need on extra services that you don’t.


  • You can make the changes you require monthly with our flexible on-demand DPO services.


  • Let Seifti deal with any European supervisory authorities contact on your behalf and avoid associated legal risks and potential fines.


  • Our team will support you on any data subject requests from a European citizen.

What the outsourced DPO services offer

Our outsourced DPO service will ensure that your company complies with data protection regulations and that you have appropriate measures in place to protect the personal data of your customers and employees.


Find below some of the DPO services that our offer includes:

Advising your company on its data protection obligations and how to comply with data protection regulations

Providing data protection training and awareness programs to employees

Conducting data protection risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend corrective action

Assisting with data protection incident response and reporting

Developing and implementing data protection policies and procedures

Monitoring your company’s compliance with data protection regulations and providing ongoing support and advice as needed

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