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Seifti’s DPIA software is the perfect toolkit that offers you the framework to run data protection impact assessments. Keep all your assessments in one place and connected to save time.

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Easily create, launch and assign assessments through our DPIA software for data protection impact assessments

Finally, get on top of your assessments.

Get access to our Seifti templates and demonstrate compliance Legitimate Interest Assessments, Consent assessments, Transfer Impact Assessments, Vendor Risk assessments, and other processes)

Create your custom Assessments to meet your own GDPR needs

Automate the flow to send assessments based on the results from your ROPA and the roles and responsibilities assigned to our platform

Easily download assessment reports for management meetings

Schedule a meeting with our legal consultant

Assess the risk of your processing activities and make sure all your documents are fully compliant with GDPR and applicable law requirements

Assign assessments by a question based on roles and responsibilities and allow your team to work on the evaluations simultaneously in a live and digitized format and meet accountability requirements

Seifti lets you carry out Data Protection Impact Assessments cleanly and straightforwardly, showing when supplementary measures are needed

Visualize and download your assessments for vendors, clients, management, or the authorities in a few clicks

Keep track of all versions for audit log purposes

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