AI ACT – Artificial Intelligence and Privacy Protection

Comply with data protection and privacy regulations when using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your company

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At Seifti we will advise you to meet the requirements of the AI ACT for the safe development and use of Artificial Intelligence

Lead the future no matter the size of your company

Classification of Risk of AI

Ensure Transparency in your AI system

Guarantee the quality of data during training

Continuous monitoring during application development and deployment

Check the compliance of your tool

Register creation, tool traceability and accountability

Achievement has never been more important. Now it is much easier thanks to Seifti’s expert team

Privacy from design and by default, in its development

We will assess and document the risks and impact of AI

Count on a multidisciplinary expert team

We will help you determine the different responsibilities

Schedule a meeting with our legal consultant

Comprehensive support in all areas involved

Legal and Technical Advice in the implementation of AI in its business processes

Data Governance. Develop and establish policies for the development and safe use of AI in your company

Contractual and compliance review of customers and third parties

Training and awareness of your employees on the use and risks of AI

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