Phishing simulation service

Our phishing simulation campaign places your employees directly into the field facing cyber-attacks.

Reach out to us

Our group of experts will plan & execute a phishing simulation campaign with your company

The team will identify the targets by using multiple tools

We will pick the best available domain

Our designers will generate the email and landing page templates that better suit your company for the phishing campaign

Identify the ways hackers could use to gain access to your corporation thanks to our online phishing test

  • On top of the usual login platforms like Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace, our team can work with you to run phishing simulations on internal tools that you might use.


  • We can also run successful campaigns on tools like Github, Instagram, Paypal, or LinkedIn.

Analyze the results better to understand the need for a potential phishing testing

Seifti’s expert team will carry out the process in 6 easy steps:

Particularized planning and design of the phishing campaign

Continuous monitoring, providing cybersecurity courses to employees, and techniques to minimize future possibilities of failure

Obtaining results and analysis of the needs of the corporation

Run a pen testing with those roles to identify what is the real risk associated with the leak

Implementation of phishing attacks to exploit the detected vulnerabilities

Identify which roles have fallen into the phishing attacks

Schedule a meeting with our legal consultant

Increase the level of awareness of all your teams with an ad-hoc phishing training

Once analyzed the results, our team will lunch cybersecurity awareness training for your employees, so everyone in your company has the necessary tools to identify scammy emails

The vast majority of phishing attacks come from fake emails. Seifti provides you with specific phishing email testing software to be prepared for when it happens

More than 80% of reported cyber incidents are related to phishing attacks, most of which are carried out via email. Added to this is the misconception that phishing is easy to detect and that only people with less technical knowledge fall victim to this attack. The objective of the phishing drills is to identify potential access routes by obtaining credentials of different roles within the corporation, which could facilitate more advanced attacks to potential hackers.

The general idea is that phishing attacks are easy to detect in the past. Nowadays, the advances have improved exponentially, so we provide you with specific phishing training for all of your team

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