Data Protection

What is the CCPA and what changes does the CPRA bring?

The CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act), in force since 2020, was a leap forward in US data protection legislation. Taking it as a basis, California legislators have decided to go a step further by incorporating the new CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act) into the legal

ISO 27001 – Information Security Management.

During the course of this year, the current structure of ISO 27001 has undergone a revision, the main objective of which is to simplify its implementation by organisations. The new version, ISO 27001:2022, is expected to be published in the last quarter of the year.


The metaverse, understood as a 3d virtual space where physical and internet reality merge through the use of different technologies such as virtual reality glasses, gloves and different haptic devices, allows the user to interact with other people and elements that replicate the real world

Dark Patterns in Privacy: Misleading the internet users

Nowadays it's common to find yourself subjected to dark patterns conditioning in all kinds of websites. These practices aren´t new at all, but in the fast-paced world of the internet this deceptive trend has almost become the norm, and you should be aware of its

Security breaches : How to prevent them

Don't let your company close due to a security breach, act before! Overexposure to the digital environment can cause serious problems if preventive measures are not established, so in this article we tell you a little more about security breaches and how to prevent them,


Cookies: How to protect our privacy

When surfing the Internet we usually accept all cookies from the pages we visit and this is a mistake because, although they facilitate the browsing experience, they collect a lot of personal data, damaging our security.

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