Security Culture

Security breaches : How to prevent them

Don't let your company close due to a security breach, act before! Overexposure to the digital environment can cause serious problems if preventive measures are not established, so in this article we tell you a little more about security breaches and how to prevent them,

Impact assessment: light bulbs lined up and one about to collide

Impact assessment in the processing of personal data

Processing personal data can be difficult if it is done without taking into account the risks involved, especially when dealing with sensitive data. Complying with current regulations can be costly, so it will be necessary to assess the risks. Do you carry out high-risk

Data protection: EU whistleblowing directive crucial aspects for companies

Data protection in reporting channels

The new EU Whistleblowing Directive requires companies to establish a system which allows employees and others to report any possible misconduct, in a safe and confidential manner, and it is crucial for them to understand how to do so.

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